The Rat's Whiskers

Hello, welcome to The Rat's Whiskers! I like food. When I travel my first stop is always the local market. I visit Cafes, food stalls, farms, even supermarkets, wherever local people buy their food. Trying out different tastes, textures and smells- like a mouse (or a rat!) I like to taste and nibble as many things as I can.

Then, when I am home I experiment, mixing old familiar spices and herbs with exotic new flavours. I like using sugar, because, as our ancestors discovered, it is perfect for holding the taste of other spices, and allowing them to combine in a fascinating and complex manner..

My range of food brings this excitement to life, and allows other people to share my journey through the world of delicious flavours.


poised for lift off.

well, nearly there. a few last tweaks and the password comes off, and I am ready to sell!

The Rat's Whiskers goes live!

Squeak! looking for new, delicious food? the Rat has it covered. sugar and spice blends, gluten free and vegan snacks, all made with care in the heart of the beautiful...